After the Storm: Royal Botanic Garden (RBGE) Edinburgh

The photographic imagery of Patricia + Angus Macdonald, in their ongoing, long-running projects The Unwild and Re:Wild, offers momentary views of ecological disturbance and resilience in action.

The aerial triptych they contributed to the RBGE exhibition After the Storm (2016-17, on the theme of regeneration, recovery and resilience) – which views the same section of a dynamically braided river in the Cairngorms over a time-scale of almost 3 decades – presents evidence of the endless flux of the natural world in rapid mode, as seen below:


‘Braided river and Caledonian pines, Glen Feshie, Cairngorms, Scotland, 57° 00’ 25” N, 3° 54’ 15” W’ (triptych): [left to right] #1: 1988; #2: 1995; #3: 2016         Patricia Macdonald with Angus Macdonald 


Part of the exhibition After the Storm, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2016-17  > What’s On > Exhibitions


More information and images from the Macdonalds’ recent work in the Cairngorms may be found in the following essays:

Macdonald, Patricia, ‘Disturbance and resilience in a Highland glen’ in After the Storm (Edwards, Ian, Ed., Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2017, pp 22-31) 

Now available from RBGE shop in the John Hope Gateway


Macdonald, Patricia, ‘Change in Glen Feshie: environmental change in a dynamic Cairngorms landscape’ in The Nature of Scotland (Battleby: Scottish Natural Heritage, Autumn/Winter 2016 Issue 24, pp 12-17)

See pages below, or online at:   > Publications, data and research > Publications > Our magazine > Issue 24