After the Storm: Royal Botanic Garden (RBGE) Edinburgh

The photographic imagery of Patricia + Angus Macdonald, in their ongoing, long-running projects The Unwild and Re:Wild, offers momentary views of ecological disturbance and resilience in action.

The aerial triptych they have contributed to the current RBGE exhibition After the Storm (on the theme of regeneration, recovery and resilience) – which views the same section of a dynamically braided river in the Cairngorms over a time-scale of almost 3 decades – presents evidence of the endless flux of the natural world in rapid mode, as seen below:


Braided river and Caledonian pines, Glen Feshie, Cairngorms, Scotland, 57° 00’ 25” N, 3° 54’ 15” W (triptych): [left to right] #1: 1988; #2: 1995; #3: 2016         Patricia Macdonald with Angus Macdonald 


Part of the exhibition After the Storm, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh  > What’s On > Exhibitions


More information and images from the Macdonalds’ recent work in the Cairngorms may be found in the following essays:

Macdonald, Patricia, ‘Disturbance and resilience in a Highland glen’ in After the Storm (Edwards, Ian, Ed., Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2017, pp 22-31) 

Now available (March 2017) from RBGE shop in the John Hope Gateway


Macdonald, Patricia, ‘Change in Glen Feshie: environmental change in a dynamic Cairngorms landscape’ in The Nature of Scotland (Battleby: Scottish Natural Heritage, Autumn/Winter 2016 Issue 24, pp 12-17)

See pages below, or online at:   > Publications, data and research > Publications > Our magazine > Issue 24