Patricia Macdonald talk: Napier University Photography Lecture Series 2017

Patricia Macdonald will give a talk on Tuesday 28 November 2017 in the Napier University Photography Lecture Series:
‘Over Land: Aerial forensics’

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Postcards from the Anthropocene, University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh College of Art

Untitled: Earth: ‘Anthropocene Epoch':
Contribution by Patricia & Angus Macdonald to exhibition accompanying the symposium: Postcards from the Anthropocene, University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh College of Art, June 2017.
For details of the event, please see:

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Rephotography in the Scottish Highlands: Cairngorms & Morvern

Patricia + Angus Macdonald, as part of their long-running and ongoing environmental photographic record and artwork projects The Unwild and Re:Wild, have been carrying out rephotography – both from ground-level and from the air – in a number of locations in Highland Scotland over several decades. The images are most often based on their own […]

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After the Storm: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

After the Storm: Royal Botanic Garden (RBGE) Edinburgh
The photographic imagery of Patricia + Angus Macdonald, in their ongoing, long-running projects The Unwild and Re:Wild, offers momentary views of ecological disturbance and resilience in action.
The aerial triptych they contributed to the RBGE exhibition After the Storm (2016-17, on the theme of regeneration, recovery and resilience) – which views […]

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The View from Here: National Galleries of Scotland

The View from Here: Landscape Photography from the National Galleries of Scotland
Three aerial images made by Patricia + Angus Macdonald featured in The View from Here, the exhibition of landscape photography from the permanent collections of the National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) recently on show in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery (SNPG), Edinburgh (29 October […]

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Farewell to John Berger

Farewell to John Berger, 2 January 2017
Thinking of John & Beverly, summer & winter at Quincy, roses trémières & gnôle, Alpine flying over the snow, intense discussions, planning & designing our joint edition of Once in Europa, long ago.
Tireless and furious worker, seminal thinker, passionate & compassionate artist, inspirational writer, joyous and hospitable friend.  
Ride […]

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New South Glasgow Hospitals: Beacon project

Patricia + Angus Macdonald were invited participating artists in the successful therapeutic design and art strategy, Working Well: People and Space, for the newly opened South Glasgow Hospitals’ Beacon project, working as part of a team assembled by Ginkgo Projects, with Matthew Dalziel + Louise Scullion as immediate lead artists, with the purpose of […]

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New Aerographica website launched

Patricia + Angus Macdonald would like to welcome you to the new Aerographica website.
We hope the new site will provide a useful overview of our various activities: both to the editorially led side of our environmental aerial photographic practice, including the Aerographica Archive, and also to the types of aerial imagery, exhibitions and book […]

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Landmark: The Fields of Landscape Photography

Patricia + Angus Macdonald were recently invited to contribute aerial artwork (see below) to a definitive new international survey of landscape photography, Landmark: The Fields of Landscape Photography, authored by the eminent curator William A. Ewing (Thames & Hudson, 2014). They also participated in the seminar accompanying the UK launch of the book at Tate […]

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