The aerial artwork imagery of Patricia + Angus Macdonald has featured and been discussed in a number of books dealing with environmental and/or fine-art photography. A recent example – a new definitive international survey of current landscape photography by eminent author and curator William A Ewing – is shown below (see Updates page on this website, and Updates on Patricia Macdonald’s web pages at the University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh College of Art – see Links page for weblink to that site – for more information). Details of other publications are given in the list that follows.

Landmark: The Fields of Landscape Photography

Landmark: The Fields of Landscape PhotographyWilliam A Ewing, Thames & Hudson, London, 2014


Patricia + Angus Macdonald’s aerial artwork imagery as subject in books / group catalogues / commentary / portfolios:

2014: Ewing, William A, Landmark: The Fields of Landscape Photography, Thames & Hudson, pp 194 & 250

2014: Clarke, Michael, The Art of Golf, with essay by Kenneth McConkey, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, pp 40-43, 68-9 & inside front and back covers

2012: Smiles, Sam, Flight and the Artistic Imagination, with foreword by Steven Parissien, Compton Verney, Warwickshire/Paul Holberton, London, p. 40

2012: High Museum of Art, Atlanta in collaboration with the National Galleries of Scotland, The Art of Golf, with essays by Rand Jerris, Catherine M Lewis, Richard Anthony Lewis, Jordan Mearns & Christian Tico Seifert, High Museum of Art, Atlanta ‘Scottish Courses Today: New Commission by Patricia Macdonald': ‘Bunkered terrain: Scottish golf landscapes, 2011’, part of the ongoing series ‘The Play Grounds’)

2010: Cosgrove, Denis and William L Fox, Photography and Flight, Reaktion Books – Exposures, London, pp 118, 120, 123, 140

2007: Normand, Tom, Scottish Photography: A history, Luath Press, Edinburgh, pp 6, 8, 71, 73-5, 91, 174, 176, 180

2005    ‘Conceptual landscapes: the aerial photographs of Patricia Macdonald’ (Special Feature entry), in Lenman, Robin (Ed.), The Oxford Companion to the Photograph, Oxford, Oxford University Press, p 9 and two full-page plates opp. pp 42-3

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1990: Scottish Photography Portfolio I  (Stevenson, Sara, intro.), Portfolio Gallery, Edinburgh