The Aerographica Archive contains more than 150,000 colour aerial images of Scotland (our base), other parts of the UK and Europe, and North Africa, across the full spectrum of cultural landscape types from semi-natural to cityscape, and with an emphasis on key areas and sites in terms of natural and earth heritage and cultural history.

Subjects include examples of the full spectrum of landscape types from semi-natural and ‘wild’ land (‘cryptic cultural landscape’) to clearly cultural landscapes: mountains, moorland, wetlands, coasts, islands, rivers, lochs / lakes, geological features, farming landscapes (both historic and present-day), woodland / forestry, gardens and planned landscapes, castles and other major structures, villages, towns, cities, lighthouses, wind-farms, infrastructure including roads, railways, bridges, causeways, harbours and reservoirs, quarries and opencast mines, pollution, and industrial / post-industrial landscapes of various types.

Picture research in the Archive is carried out at present by Aerographica staff, although we plan in future to provide a searchable summary of our database, which is structured by date, geographical location and keywords. Initial searches produce small rough scans supplied electronically, after which clients may request larger high-quality scans of an appropriate size for their project, which are charged at laboratory rates. If no image is used from any particular batch of images supplied, a search fee (minimum 50 GBP) is payable, depending on the scale of the search. Reproduction fees for single images begin at 120 GBP + VAT + cost of high resolution scan (fees are double basic rate for front covers and exhibitions; very large exhibition panels / backgrounds and other specialised uses: POA). Educational discount may be available for appropriate projects and other discounts for a quantity (more than 5) of images supplied as part of one request.

For image enquiries, please send us details using our Contact page; we will reply as soon as possible. Clients may request particular images (in which case details of a published reference is useful to us), or may specify a preference for the (overlapping) categories of artwork images or editorial images, or images of a particular shape (landscape- or portrait-shaped), and we will do our best to provide suitable material.

A few examples from the Aerographica Archive are seen below; more will be coming soon.