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The Aerographica Partnership specializes in environmental research, record and interpretation of the history and present condition of the natural heritage (including the earth heritage) and of cultural landscapes, mainly using aerial photography and environment-related aerial art projects. Its aerial imagery is exhibited, published and held in public and private collections internationally, in both fine-art and editorial contexts (see Publications, Exhibitions and Portfolios pages).

The partners (see Partner Biographies pages) in Aerographica are:

Professor Angus Macdonald BSc PhD FSA(Scot) Hon FRSGS
Professor Emeritus and former Head of the School of Arts, Culture and Environment of the University of Edinburgh, who is particularly interested in aspects of the built environment and the artifact-rich end of the spectrum of cultural landscapes,

in collaboration with:

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Patricia + Angus Macdonald:
Portrait by Robin Gillanders

Dr Patricia Macdonald BSc PhD FRSE FSA(Scot) FRSA HonFRSGS HonFICS
Artist-photographer, researcher in environmental history, perception and iconography (and Honorary Fellow – and former Course Organiser in Cultural Landscape Studies – at the University of Edinburgh), with a background in both biology and visual art, whose interests lie towards the wilder, ‘semi-natural’ and ‘cryptic’ end of that spectrum.

The Aerographica Partnership benefits from the combination of this broad academic expertise with operational experience of aerial photography since 1984 (with its own light aircraft since 1992). It carries out commissioned and self-generated environmental work from a sound basis of research. It maintains the substantial Aerographica Archive of more than 150,000 aerial images of Scotland, other parts of the UK and Europe, and North Africa, across the full spectrum of cultural landscapes from semi-natural to cityscape, and with an emphasis on natural and earth heritage.

All images are copyright Patricia + Angus Macdonald unless otherwise credited.